Collar Clip-In Points

Posted August 6, 2019

A collar clip-in point refers to the hardware used on a collar to attach a lead. The unique construction of our Rigid Collars allow us the ability to offer two options:

1″ Steel V-Ring

The standard 1” V-ring option is black phosphate coated steel. It is strength rated up to 4,000 pounds; making it strong enough to withstand anything your dog can throw at it. We recommend our steel V-rings for anybody that is doing agitation or bite work since the V-ring will hold up well if exposed to constant friction.

Please note the phosphate coating can wear overtime, but it will not compromise its structural integrity.

Soft Clip-In

Our soft clip-in points are unique to K9 collars as we were the first, and still the only, manufacturer that offers anything like it. The design idea came from a discussion on options to “silence” the noise made from the interaction between the metal snap on a lead and the metal clip-in point found on collars. The ultimate solution was a soft clip-in point that will silence whatever you clip to it. Drawing from experience in the Climbing and Vertical Access Industries, our Product Engineer, created a clip-in point that is much like a belay loop.

Made from mil-spec nylon, the design mimics the loop used to clip carabiners into climbing harnesses. While our soft clip-in does not have an official strength rating, it has been independently pull tested to 600 pounds without any affect—which makes it plenty strong. Plus, because it is free of metal, the soft clip-ins are very light and there is no chance of rusting—making them a great option for dog’s that live at the beach or frequent marine environments.

The only time we do not recommend the soft clip-in point is when your dog will be doing agitation or bite work often, as the constant friction on the nylon can cause it to wear out over time.