Due North

Posted December 3, 2016

We believe that every decision counts and every step taken should have an unmistakable intent behind it. For us that means slow growth and old world style business practices. We prefer word of mouth over big marketing campaigns and value relationships over a healthy bottom line.

We have taken our time to build a brand that represents the principles of those whom our products serve; the public servants, the military personnel and the discerning citizens. We have intentionally kept “the man behind the curtain” out of sight because we want those people to understand that they represent the brand and are the face of Modern Icon. They are the icons others should want to emulate, the ones that represent the best parts of what this Country has to offer; freedom, hope and independence.

At some point we’ll tell the story of “the man behind the curtain”, but for now we’re sticking to our guns and shining the light on you, the end user. You are why we created the brand and you are the reason we do what we do. So when it comes to the thought of allowing someone else to represent that brand we are unapologetic about our hardline approach.

We get approached on a semi regular basis by retailers and companies wanting to distribute our products and we have a habit of turning those companies down for various reasons. That is until the owner of 911 Supply in Canada reached out to us looking to add a K9 line to their already stellar list of offerings. After doing our homework we found out that they had already been selling the top brands in the industry for years. Then, when we found out their owner had a history of blue blood in the family and catered primarily to LEO’s and their departments we reached back out.

The final step for us was actually flying out to meet the owner and his team in person. We got to see their store, talk to the staff and meet with Police Department representatives and their Officers making sure our products would meet their needs. We spent the majority of our time developing relationships with the Officers, watching how they worked their dogs and listening to their feedback about our products and others. This led to open and candid dialogue with the Officers which was a welcome departure from the norm in an industry known for having company reps, who “known better” dominate the conversations selling products instead of listening to the Officers actual needs. We were also extremely impressed by 911Supply’s commitment to their customers and had the chance to see that commitment in person and heard nothing but the best about them from the Officers we met.

By the end of the trip, lasting relationships were made, understandings were met, and we are happy to announce that 911 Supply will be the very first stockist of our products. Please take a moment to welcome them to the Modern Icon family by following them on social media and if you’re in Canada stopping by their storefront in Calgary or visiting them online.