Posted November 11, 2019

For those wanting to customize their collars, embroidery is a great option. All Rigid and 1.75″ Soft collars have a large, 5 to 11 inch (depending on the size), loop attachment panel that is sewn into the collar. Embroidering the attachment panel is the first step of the production process. The panel is later applied to the collar during the manufacturing process, giving the embroidery a clean, integrated look.

Because the embroidery is on the attachment panel, it creates the option to put a patch over the embroidery as well. A common scenario may be to have your dog’s name embroidered on the collar and a “DO NOT PET” patch, which can be applied over the name when in public. Please note that there is often not enough room to put a patch beside the embroidery, with the exception of our flag patch since it is only 2.5 inches in width.

We also offer embroidery on our leads, which is sewn directly into the webbing. This allows you to put your name on your gear or send a message to those around.

Embroidery is offered in the following colors: Black, White, Gray, OD Green, Coyote, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Red, and Blue. 

White Embroidery
Black Embroidery
Gray Embroidery
OD Green Embroidery
OD Green
Coyote Embroidery
Blue Embroidery
Red Embroidery
Fluorescent Orange Embroidery
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink Embroidery
Fluorescent Pink