It’s Our Honor

Posted February 8, 2016

To date 95% of our sales have been to Police Departments and Government Agencies. The people who work for these Departments and Agencies put their lives on the line everyday. They are the inspiration for our company’s name and providing them with dependable gear is our primary purpose, passion and honor.

The reality of the danger they face was made very real while attending fallen K9 Deputy Hyco’s memorial service back in October of this past year.

During the service I saw one of the first leads I had ever made being carried out by the honor guard who placed it under the American Flag as part of the ceremony. Seeing that lead, knowing Hyco was wearing our gear when he gave the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of his handler and fellow responding Officers, brought on a flood of emotion I wasn’t ready for.

Relationships are a big deal to me. I make it a point to personally connect with as many of our customers as I can, both man and beast. We’re a family, and whether we’re on or off duty we have each other’s backs. I think that’s part of the reason why that moment hit me so hard. It serves as a daily reminder of why we do what we do and speaks to the important role working dogs play. The day Hyco died, a husband was able to go home to his wife, and a father was able to return to his kids, because of his K9 Partners sacrifice

Hyco’s handler, Deputy Surratt, has since created a petition to bring about stricter punishment for the killing of law enforcement K9’s here in South Carolina (Hyco’s Law). He also created a foundation to raise funds to support his K9 Departments and it’s our honor to have made the gear that he chose to personally deliver to his fellow deputies.

On Hyco’s Memorial Facebook Page Surratt writes:

“The Hyco K-9 Fund provided some much needed equipment to the ACSO K-9 units today. The Handlers were given collars, 6′ leads, 15′ leads, 30′ leads, 50′ leads and harnesses. The multipurpose K-9 handlers were also given hidden sleeves. The hidden sleeves will be used to improve the training in apprehension! All of this was possible because of YOU! Thank you so much for all of the continued support toward the Hyco K9 Fund. The fund is being used for great things! A special thank you to Modern Icon for making all of the collars, leads and harnesses!”

It always has been and will continue to be our honor. We leave you with a line read at Hyco’s memorial that says it all from his perspective.

“Before leaving home I was told ‘keep him safe’ by your wife, I knew at that moment for you I would give my life. The bullet struck hard, steady and true. The bullet struck me instead of striking you. When you go home tonight, tell your wife I did good. Strong, Tall and Proud on the ground that I stood.” – The Life Of A Police Dog

– Modern Icon