At Modern Icon we believe that less is more, because fewer moving parts in a product means fewer points that could fail or break. For this reason we intentionally left out plastic components in our rifle sling designs. However, we have studied situations in which soldiers have been caught by their rifle slings. For this reason, a case can be made for the necessity of offering a quick-release option to remove your rifle when you can’t use the traditional clip-in points. Adding a Quick Detachable Side-Release Buckle to the ends of the sling makes it easy to remove yourself from your rifle when fine motor skills deteriorate. So, in the event that your rifle becomes trapped under an object, like a wall from a structural collapse, or a refrigerator pushed down a stairwell by a suspect, you can easily free yourself and remain in the fight. Quick Release Buckles also come in handy if you have your sling threaded through your plate carrier so you can leave the sling on your vest and simply unclip at the Buckle.