2 Point Defender Sling


add abs release buckles at each end

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This Patent Pending sling has been designed for Law Enforcement and Military Personnel who have to be ready at a moment’s notice and whose lives often depend on their gear. Originally designed for the AR style platform, its unique design works seamlessly on long guns and shotguns alike.

We use flat daisy chain style webbing where comfort matters, and Paracord with integrated shock cord for safety and stabilization of your shooting platform. The shock cord integration creates zero material bulking—unlike other designs incorporating shock cord inside tubular webbing. The Paracord can be used in an emergency situation, and our unique design allows the sling to remain 100% functional.

If using the H.K. Hook Attachment Points, the sling easily converts from 1 to 2 point configuration according to the operator’s preference and load out. Each feature of the sling has been designed to be manipulated while the rifle is in use and adjustments can easily be made without having to look at the sling to see what your doing, allowing you to keep your eyes on target and your gun in the fight.

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Paracord Construction
We use one continuous piece of 7 Strand Mil-Spec Paracord which can removed and used in an emergency without affecting the function or fit of the sling.
Integrated Shock Cord
We have included an internal shock cord system that creates zero material bulking. The shock cord helps prevent injuries if your rifle gets caught on environmental hazards as well as aids in creating a stable shooting stance, especially in the supine position.
Integrated D-Rings
Integrated Heavy Gauge D-rings enable you to convert your sling between one-point or two-point configurations and can be used as a clip-in option or attachment point for carabiners and other accessories.
Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain webbing with 1.5 Inch clip in points allow the sling to used in multiple configurations and is extremely light weight.
1 Hand Adjustment
Our slings can be quickly adjusted using one hand to both tighten and loosen it, and the cam buckle is designed to shed mud and water—continuing to work even in freezing conditions.
Velcro ID Strip
Our integrated Velcro ID Strip allows you to affix your Branch, Department, or Name Tape for easy identification, and the integrated elastic loop lets you roll up and tuck away any excess webbing when not in use.


Minimum length of 33″ maximum length of 60″


30 Feet of Mil-Spec 7 Strand Paracord rated at 550 lbs

1” Mil-Spec Tubular Webbing strength rated to 4,000 lbs

1” Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing strength rated to 1,000 lbs

1″ Heavy Gauge Welded D-Rings