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1.5″ Summit Collar must be ordered with this add-on. It is not a standalone product.

Using our 1.5″ Summit Collar, the Fi Collar Add-On alters the attachment points on the collar to allow ample room for your Fi module. This feature will allow you to charge your Fi without removing it from the collar. The Fi Collar Add-On INCLUDES 1 set of module endlinks.

Please note that you will have to place an order for the 1.5″ Summit Collar of your choice. Summit Collar add-ons are compatible with the Fi Collar Add-On. However, because the attachment points have been altered, the dimensions for add-ons (including patches, velcro, and embroidery) will be approximately 1″ smaller than listed.

The Fi Collar Add-On DOES NOT INCLUDE the Fi Module. If you do not have a Fi Module yet, you can purchase one from or use coupon code modernicon50 on their website for $50 off.

Customer Reviews

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A great attachment for Fi collars, but hard to charge on the module.

I purchased the Fi attachment for these collars because my original Fi collars were falling off my dogs/breaking under pressure. These collars are perfect for Fi modules - the pressure on the collar does not directly link to the Fi module, so I feel very confident that these collars are secure. However, I have had difficulty charging the module while on the collar. Besides that, the Fi attachment is the perfect add-on!

Hi Adriana,
Thank you for the review. In order to maximize the amount of space for add-ons, please note the collar will be tight around the charging base initially. Because of this, you have to work the collar down a bit until it stays on the charger and the charging light comes on (otherwise the collar wants to pop off the base). Over time the webbing will relax a bit and you will also get more accustomed to the angle at which to put the collar on the charger. So it should get easier for you, but if you have any further issue please reach out to our support team for further assistance: [email protected]


This is the best collar I own! Now I don't have to worry about the collars falling off and loosing them, Its pretty easy to put on the charging base once you find the right angle.


Works perfectly with the summit collar! My dog has broken 2 other Fi collars due to their tugging and playing. This attachment makes it hard for them to get under and pull apart the connectors. It took a bit of time for us to figure out how to charge the module while it was still attached to the collar, but once we did it was easy to slip the charger behind the module.

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