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What size collar do I need?

You will need to take an actual neck measurement so you know you are getting the correct size collar.

Please Note:

There are no industry standards for collar sizes, so it will not be reliable to use a different brand collar for sizing.

How to take a neck measurement

Trying to use an old collar to measure is often unreliable and usually results in a new collar that does not fit. Therefore we recommend using a tailor’s tape to measure(the same as if you were getting measured for a suit). If you do not have a tailor’s tape you can use a piece of string that you then measure along a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape/string around the dog’s neck where the collar would normally sit, pull it “tight”, then make sure you can get a finger underneath—that measurement will determine what size is best.

What are the sizes that you offer?

Extra Extra Small: 7-11in (18-28cm)
Extra Small: 10-14in (25-36cm)
Small: 13-17in (33-43cm)
Medium: 16-20in (41-51cm)
Large: 19-23in  (48-58cm)
Extra Large: 22-26in (56-66cm)
Extra Extra Large: 25-29in (63-73cm)
*Sizes Over 29in (73cm) Available By Request

Each collar style is offered in specific sizes. These can be found on the options drop down or specification tab for each product.

What if my measurement is between sizes?

Our collar sizes feature 1″ of overlap between sizes, so we should have a collar size that will fit.

If you are between sizes the first thing we recommend considering is the age of the dog.

While many dog breeds will reach a max height around 12 months, they may continue to fill out in the chest and neck until approximately 18 months.

For example, if your dog is 12 months old and measures at 16 inches we recommend going with a medium collar as there is a good chance the dog will grow out of a small collar.

Another thing to consider is your dog’s weight and coat. If you expect your dog to gain or loose weight, or if they have a seasonally heavy coat, you will want to factor that into the collar size accordingly.

If you still have questions about which size may be best please reach out to our support team so that we can assist further.

What size collar should I get for my puppy breed?

We often get questions regarding sizing for specific breeds. While purebreds often fall within breeding standards, there are many factors that can affect sizing and the only way to insure a collar will fit is to take an actual measurement when the dog has stopped growing.

If you do not want to wait until your dog has stopped growing and want to anticipate how large of a collar you may need, pedigree will be your best indicator. If you have access to a full grown dog that is the same sex and from the same parents, but from an earlier litter, those measurements may help. Otherwise, if you only have access to the parents, measuring the parent of that sex is best. Lastly, other than that, your vet may be able to give you an educated guess.

Please note that without an actual neck measurement there is no foolproof way to estimate a collar size and you may have to purchase another collar as the dog grows.

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