Wear & Care

Everyday Wear
Modern Icon products are designed to last. We have aimed to utilize the most durable materials for any product’s given application. Any purchased product will last longer and perform better with basic field care. Such care is simple, but will add to the life of the product as well as enhance your enjoyment of its use. Great care has been taken to ensure components that are prone to degrade over time, such as velcro or elastic, have been integrated into each product’s design in ways that allow them to be replaced without destroying or damaging the original product.

Care & Cleaning
To clean minor soiling of our nylon products, simply rub the area with a clean, wet cloth to remove most dirt and debris. If the product needs to be more thoroughly cleaned, first remove any metal components possible and handwash in cold water with a mild detergent like Woolite and air dry immediately.

If excessive amounts of fibers or hair get caught in your hook side velcro, use a regular dinner fork to remove the majority of it, and simply remove any remaining with your fingers. This will ensure your velcro continues to function properly. Be sure to hang products up and air dry immediately after they washing to prevent mildew in the nylon and oxidization of metal components. If desired, brass parts can be polished using products such as Brasso. If you do use a metal polish, take care to ensure the compound does not make contact with nylon material as it can degrade the material over time. If brass clips develop burrs, use fine grit sandpaper to buff the burrs smooth. Clean out any remaining debris from metal components by using compressed air to blow out dust, dirt and any other debris from their moving parts.

Nylon is sensitive to heat and chemicals. Please prevent your products from coming into contact with excessive heat sources and alkaline chemicals, as degrading or irreparable damage can occur.

As noted in our Terms of Use, it is important to inspect your products before each use. Be sure that stitching is intact, and also look at any terminal points of attachment to check for excessive wear and to ensure all metal components are not bent, cracked, or deformed, and function properly.