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The Tracking Harness is made of durable mil-spec materials and climbing rated hardware—creating the strongest, most heavy-duty, tactical dog harness available. Our harness design offers a greater range of motion and allows greater airflow than traditional K9 vests.

Military (MWD), Police ( LEO), and Search and Rescue (SAR) Working Dogs will appreciate the rear chest strap which makes this harness perfect for tracking. The rear strap also allows the dog to be lifted safely and prevents the dog from backing out of the harness.

Apprehension, Personal Protection and Schutzhund (IPO) Working Dogs will appreciate the ergonomic shoulder straps and large padded chest piece, which are perfect for bite work and training.

A large integrated handle gives control of the dog and can be used to lift the dog over obstacles. Velcro covered Molle on the left and right sides of the harness allows the handler to attach accessories, pouches or affix ID patches.

This harness has not been strength rated for rappelling.

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Heavy Duty Mil-Spec Webbing
We use the same type of webbing the military uses for construction of parachute harnesses throughout the entire harness design which is quick drying, mold and mildew resistant and strength rated to 7,000 lbs.
ISC Klick-Lock Buckles
Klick-Lock Buckles are redundant, meaning both sides have to be depressed to release the buckle and the release buttons are recessed which prevents accidental unclipping.
Integrated Handle
Our large handle gives you complete manual control of your dog and can be used to lift the dog over obstacles.
Padded Chest Plate
Padding at the center of the chest provides comfort and safety for the K9.
Additional Supporting Straps
A second strap secures at the base of the dog's rib cage and an extension from the chest plate keeps it in place. This creates a more stable and safer method of carrying your dog, and keeps the dog from ever backing out of the harness.
Molle and Velcro
The 5” wide x 4” tall Molle Panels we sew onto each side allow the handler to attach accessories and pouches to the harness while the integrated Velcro allows for department or unit patches to be easily attached.


Medium Harness:
Front Chest Strap: 24-31in (61-79cm)
Rear Chest Strap: 22-26in (56-66cm)
Length between straps: 6in (15cm)

Large Harness:
Front Chest Strap: 30-35in (76-89cm)
Rear Chest Strap: 25-30in (64-76cm)
Length between straps: 7.5in (19cm)

Extra Large Harness:
Front Chest Strap: 32- 40in (81-101cm)
Back Chest Strap: 28- 34in (71-86cm)
Length between straps: 8.5in (21cm)


Front and Rear Strap Chest Girth

Measure your dog’s front strap chest girth directly behind the front legs and rear strap chest girth at the base of the rib cage



ISC 1 3/4″ Klick-Lock Buckles rated to 4,000 lbs

1 3/4″ Mil-Spec Webbing rated to 7,000 lbs

V-Ring Clip-in Points rated to 6,000 lbs

Molle/ Loop Velcro Side Panel Sizes (on each side):
– Medium: 5″ W x 3″ H
– Large: 5.5″ W x 4″ H
– Extra Large: 6.5″ W x 5″ H




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Customer Reviews

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Bill B.
Needs some upgrades

I really want to like this harness. Love the buckles and the padded chest pad. The problem I’ve had is that since the buckles are on or side it makes the harnesses sit off center on the dog. Have tried numerous positions to make it sit center on the dog and nothing has worked. Also the velcro is exposed on the bottom side of the harness allowing it to collect burs in grass vegetation while doing a track or patrol area search. Would like to have this covered in the same manner the chest pad. Still uncertain if I would buy another one from icon or suggest to another agency to purchase.

Hi Bill,
Thank you for the review. Sorry to hear the harness has not met your expectations. As you have noted, the weight of the buckles can cause the harness to tilt, or list, off to the side. This is due to the fact that the buckles are only on one side of the harness, so it does cause the weight to be off-center. The reason we only put buckles on the left side of the harness is that hardware on the right side would hit a handler’s knees and legs when the dog is on a tight heel and may cause injuries. Also, adding weight to the right side (especially by using 2 extra buckle as most manufacturers do), would just make the harness weigh more and increase the price. The good news is that the leaning is purely aesthetic and does not affect the function of the harness. In fact, you have probably noticed that when any force is put on the harness, it will right itself and provide proper support on the dog. While it is mostly aesthetic, we certainly understand wanting your gear to look as well as it functions, so a few things to help if you notice the harness leaning… First, off setting the sternum strap away from the buckles (it may have to be fairly exaggerated) can help. Next, a tighter fit can help keep the harness properly positioned (of course it needs to be comfortable on the dog). Lastly, if you are going to add any weight to the harness (via patches, lights, pouches, etc) we advocate mounting the to the right side to help balance.

With regard to the velcro on the strap collecting debris, if you are referring to the sternum strap it sounds like your strap is installed incorrectly. Please note that the bottom of the sternum strap (that faces the ground) will not have any exposed velcro. The portion of the sternum strap with loop velcro will face up and be against the dog when installed properly. There is some loop velcro that may be exposed on the chest straps (even when installed properly). That velcro is not exposed when the harness is sized all the way down, but will start to be exposed the larger you make the sizing. While that velcro could collect some debris, we don’t find it is any issue for most handlers. We also include harness keepers (small pieces of webbing) to hold the chest straps down in the event you are going through thick brush, so the chest strap swill not pull up.

Hopefully that information helps. If you have any further questions about the fit or function of the harness please reach out to your support team so we can make sure your gear works well for your needs. Thanks!

Evan l.

Great harness best on the market by far. very sturdy love the buckles every easy to take on and off

Jack N.
Tracking Harness

Love the fit of the harness on my working K9! It allows great mobility, and breathability for the dog on long tracks. The only thing I'd recommend, would be to make the velcro area just a tad larger. The patch your company made for the harness overlapped the velcro on the sides of the harness.

Hi Jack,
So glad to hear you love the harness! Unfortunately we cannot make the side panels any larger. We do offer our patches in a variety of sizes to best suit the amount of velcro your product will have. To find that measurement you can see the specifications tab on each product or our custom patch page has a guide at the bottom: . If you ever have any questions about the sizing or a special request please ask our support team.

Daniel D.
Very Well Made

Super impressed with the quality!

Great company

Absolutely phenomenal craftsmanship. The customer service was top notch and they cut no corners. A truly great American company

Abdulla D.

Great product and great customer support

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