Coastal Lead




The Coastal Lead is a BioThane® dog leash with the look and feel of leather. This synthetic material makes a durable, waterproof, and maintenance-free dog lead. We only use rust proof hardware so the lead is perfect for the water, whether at the lake or the beach. The leash comes in a wide variety of colors options.

Stainless Swivel Snap

Our custom standard swivel snap is black coated stainless steel. The round slot design allows for an additional 180 degrees of movement—this means the lead can articulate on a double axis to further reduce tangles or accidental un-clippings.

Upgrade: Kong Frog with Swivel

This climbing rated hardware uses a redundant release mechanism, meaning both release tabs have to be depressed simultaneously to open—this prevents accidental unclipping of the lead. An in-line swivel is added to help prevent tangles.

Upgrade: Add Ring

A 1" free-floating ring can be added to the handle. The ring can be used to attach a carabiner or our TDL shackle, or it can be used to clip in another lead (for additional length).

Upgrade: Add Close-Control Handle

An optional second handle helps you keep your dog close when needed.

Upgrade: Embossing

A personalized option allows a name or other text to be embossed into the lead.




3/4″ BioThane® Beta 520 webbing rated to 1,000 lbs

Attachment Point Options:
– Durable, Black Coated, Stainless Steel Swivel Snap
– Round Brass Swivel Snap
– Kong Frog: rated to 5,000 lbs — an aluminum swivel is added inline to help avoid tangles (swivel rated to 1,000 lbs)



Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Coastal Lead

Great lead! The kong frog is a must for any lead in my opinion.

Gary J.
Great Quality

Lovely quality and should weather well over time. The frog clip is remarkable lite for its size.

Ryan D.
Coastal lead

At first glance the quality of this leash looks top notch I love the material and the custom attachment point that I chose. I haven’t had the leash long enough to speak to the true quality though. I often go on backpacking trips with my dog and use this leash on occasion for protection sports so time will surely tell!

As a side note I was a bit disappointed with the size of the custom engraving. I had my girlfriends pups name engraved on her leash thinking it would be large enough to see without squinting. Maybe I just misunderstood the option but either way the price was far too steep for print that was so tiny.

Karim S.
Great Lead

I use this with my Dutch shepherd mix. This lead is has a grippy texture which is nice. The brass is great too. Only got the extra ring on the end if you know you need it. I use to use it to attach a light water bowl on hikes but now I use a back pack. So I don't use the ring on the end. But very happy with my purchase. I might buy the short handled coastal lead for when I am in stores and want my dog close. Very well made!

Kinsey S.
Perfect for Wet Conditions

This lead is perfect for when my normal nylon leads would get wet- no more dry time!

Nice Leash But Color Is Quite Different Than Collar

Leash was listed on the same page as the collar, so figured they matched the collars. They don't buy a wide margin. Two different reds.

Hi Allen,
Thanks for the review. Yes, unfortunately the colors are not an exact match. Our Coastal Leads are made of Biothane (a rubber based material). The Summit Collars and Leads are made of nylon webbing. Due to the material differences there is a difference in color, which can be more or less apparent depending on lighting. For customers wanting to have an exact match we would recommend getting a Summit Lead to pair with a Summit Collar, since both of those products are made with the exact same webbing. Of course, if you have any hesitation about the color or any other questions please reach out to our support team at