Tracking Lead




The Tracking Lead is made of tubular mil-spec webbing to create a simple, yet durable, long dog leash. Designed for Military (MWD), Police ( LEO), and Search and Rescue (SAR) Working Dogs, this K9 long line is available in 15 foot, 20 foot, 30 foot and 50 foot lengths.

Stainless Swivel Snap

Our custom standard swivel snap is black coated stainless steel. The round slot design allows for an additional 180 degrees of movement—this means the lead can articulate on a double axis to further reduce tangles or accidental un-clippings.

Upgrade: Kong Frog with Swivel

This climbing rated hardware uses a redundant release mechanism, meaning both release tabs have to be depressed simultaneously to open—this prevents accidental unclipping of the lead. An in-line swivel is added to help prevent tangles.

1.5" Clip-In Point

This Daisy Chain style clip-in point allows for a standard climbing carabiner to be used as a secondary clip-in option.

Tactile Response Points

Our innovative Tactile Response points, sewn into the lead at every 5 or 10 feet, let the handler know how much line is out and how much is left simply by touch.

Handle-less Design

Prevents our leads from snagging on environmental hazards avoiding safety issues and unintentional corrections for your partner.

Upgrade: Add Handle

Add a standard 7" handle to the end of the tracking lead.

Upgrade: Add Ring

Add a black coated stainless steel ring to the end of the tracking lead. A ring can be used to clip in a carabiner, our TDL shackle, or can be used to clip in another lead (for additional length).

Upgrade: Embroidery

A personalized name can be added with embroidery.




1” Mil-Spec tubular webbing rated to 4,000 lbs

Attachment Point Options:
– Durable, Black Coated, Stainless Steel Swivel Snap
– Round Brass Swivel Snap
– Kong Frog: rated to 5,000 lbs — an aluminum swivel is added inline to help avoid tangles (swivel rated to 1,000 lbs)



Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Joe S.
Great material

Really nice long line - love how lightweight and smooth the nylon is%2C doesn’t snag and the dog doesn’t feel the weight of it dragging behind him on a track. Wish I’d gotten the brass snap though%2C the black coated snap feels like much lower quality

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the review. The black coated snaps are a high quality stainless steel, however the bass is more malleable, which is an advantage because it would bend before it breaks—but either options is very strong and that shouldn't be an issue. The ultimate option is the Kong Frog. Originally designed for climbing applications, the Frog is not only extremely strong, it also has a redundant locking mechanism—such that two tabs have to be actuated at the same time to release the snap. A disadvantage of any standard thumb snap, such as our black stainless snap, is that they can become cross loaded and the gate has the potential to slip open. This wouldn't be possible on the Frog.

Hopefully that helps. If you have any other questions please reach out to our support team at [email protected]. Thanks!

Bill L.
Great item

Fantastic lead, worth every Penny

Luke J.
Excellent quality

Buy these leads If you want excellent quality! The customization is spot on and the lead is excellent quality!

Robert A.M.

Both this lead and the other I ordered are exactly what i ordered and the quality is perfect compared to my friends

High Quality Leash

High quality leash, from the material to the connector. Glad I purchased it.

Kevin O.

Appears to be working well. Seems to entangle a little less then others. Has a nice thick snap to it. Feel in hand is good.