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Welcome to our custom patch designer. Once you select a patch color you will enter into a design mode that gives a real-time preview of your patch options. Please note that the dashed border indicates the margin necessary to apply the Velcro backing. Double check your spelling and capitalization – patches will be produced exactly as requested.

Our custom patches are constructed from a base layer of 1000 denier nylon because of its strength, durability and quick drying characteristics. Atop that we apply custom vinyl lettering using a method that is more durable than screen printing. Each patch also comes with hook Velcro backing by default, unless you are ordering a 1.5″ Summit Collar with a sew-on patch option (in which case your patch will be permanently sewn onto the collar).

What size patch do I need? Use the drop down to select your Modern Icon product. This will show you the size of the velcro panel on your product. You can use that information to select the appropriate size patch.

8 reviews
out of 5
  1. John

    Extra thick, crazy sticky, high quality.

  2. Hayley

    The best patches I’ve used. They don’t peel, they stay stuck, and the lettering has held up for months with no sign of quitting.

  3. Drake

    Great patches. I do wish the lettering was embroidered instead of the vinyl. They do their job however and do not peel or come off the velcro.

  4. Darren

    Utilitarian and aesthetic functionality; top shelf!

  5. Katelyn

    Perfect addition to my dogs 2” Rigid Collars. No need for Tags all the time when I can have their info on a patch. The Velcro is super heavy duty, no risk of falling off, not in the snow, sand, water, and had no issues with my dogs coat ruining its stick ability either.

  6. Bella

    Best patches I’ve used. Cheaper than competitors in price and extremely high quality.

  7. Richard

    Great patch at a fair price.

  8. Megan

    Absolutely love our MI patches. They don’t peel off the collars velcro even when my dog plays rough and they’re nice and thick. They clean easily as well