Defender Riot Lead




The Defender Riot Lead is made using 2 layers of durable mil-spec webbing to create a strong, tactical dog leash for Military (MWD), Police ( LEO), Personal Protection, and Schutzhund (IPO) Working Dogs. The heavy-duty K9 leash includes a close-control handle to help keep the dog at your side, but can be neatly tucked out of the way using an integrated elastic loop when not in use.

A clip-in point near the snap allows the handler to use a standard climbing carabiner as a secondary clip-in option. Additional clip-in points can be added along the body, which can be used in various configurations making this an ideal multipurpose lead.

The lead can be customized with multiple attachment point options including a Kong Frog with swivel providing a secure, climbing rated hardware option. A custom option allows a personalized name to be added with embroidery.

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2nd Handle at 12"
The extra handle lets you keep your partner close when working with large crowds or working close to other officers.
Tactile Response Points
Response points located at every foot let the handler know how much line is out and how much is left without having to second guess.
Keeper Loop
The elastic keeper loop allows you to securely stow the handle so it remains out of the way until needed, which helps minimize chances of catching the lead on environmental hazards
1.5" Clip-in Point
An integrated alternate clip-in point, near the snap, allows the handler to use a standard climbing carabiner as a backup clip-in option.


4ft or 6ft Length

2 – 7″ Long Handles



1” Mil-Spec tubular webbing rated to 4,000 lbs

Attachment Point Options:
– Durable, Black Coated, Stainless Steel Swivel Snap
– Round Brass Swivel Snap
– Kong Frog: rated to 5,000 lbs — an aluminum swivel is added inline to help avoid tangles (swivel rated to 1,000 lbs)




Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Strong Leash!

The Defender Riot lead is as heavy duty and strong as you could ever want. The clips are high-quality, and I feel very safe in using this for my prey-driven husky mix. The company was a pleasure to do business with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again!

Colt L.

Defender Riot Lead

Well Made Leash

I highly recommend this leash! It’s well made! Quality product!!!

Great control and Comfort

Sits close to where you would love to have a handle. Great control when walking.

Joseph H.

I cannot stop saying how in love I am with this leash

Great Leashes But Very Overpriced

I have 2 110lb GSDS. These leads are well made. They are just very overpriced. Good quailty, but the nylon is a bit thin and weak for large or xlarge dogs.

Hi Adam,
Thank you for your feedback. Respectfully we would have to disagree that our materials are too weak for even the strongest dogs. We use military specified materials for our Defender Series. The Riot Lead, specifically, uses Mil-W-5625 Tubular webbing—as the name suggests, tubular webbing is a circular nylon “tube” (three dimensional) that is woven flat (two dimensional). This makes tubular webbing much stronger than flat webbing. 1 layer of this webbing is rated to 4,000lbs but still offers a thin, flexible webbing (which is why it is often used in climbing applications). Our leads are unique in that we do not just use 1 layer of tubular webbing, but we use 2 layers of tubular webbing that are sewn together (so a 4ft lead actually uses 10ft of webbing). This provides numerous benefits: 1 of which is strength, as the lead now has a tensile strength of roughly 8,000lbs, but it also allows for features such as the fact the snap is integrated into the 'middle' (which is much stronger than an end terminal point), and allows for features such as our unique clip-in points (that can allow you to use a climbing carabiner if you need to hook your lead to itself or if you want to use a more secure clip-in option). Of course a system is only as strong as its weakest link, which in the case of our leads would be the snap. While our metal thumb snaps have been pull tested to 400lbs and should be sufficient for any dog, if you have any concern over that rating you can upgrade to a Kong Frog. The Kong Frog is climbing rated hardware that we attach with a swivel. These components bring the strength rating up to 1000lbs. As for the price... We offer our gear at the lowest price point possible so that law enforcement handlers can have the best gear available and we are glad that other customers get to benefit from this pricing as well. Using high quality, made in USA materials, then manufacturing in the USA is an expensive endeavor. However we believe that there is an advantage in quality and we support domestic manufacturing. While we could have our gear manufactured overseas and bring down the price point that degrades the ethos and mission of Modern Icon.