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Our Patrol, Tracking, and Rappelling Harnesses are all built on the same platform—so if you look over the design you will note that the first half of the harness looks and functions the same on each.

Low Profile Tactical Dog Harness

Patrol Harness

Our Patrol Harness is the simplest harness design. This harness is great for work on a lead, including interdiction and agitation work.

  • Minimalist design
  • Lighter weight than the other harnesses
  • Strong
  • Cons:
  • Cannot be used to lift the dog
  • Dogs can back out of the harness

  • Heavy Duty Tactical Dog Harness

    Tracking Harness

    The tracking harness add a rear chest strap to the harness design. This rear strap allows the dog to be picked up and either carried suitcase-style or can simply aid in helping the dog up or down large obstacles. The strap also allows for a rear V-ring to be clipped into while tracking, letting the dog keep it’s head down for ground odor detection without pulling it’s head up when the lead is tensioned.

  • Strong
  • Secure—Dog cannot back out due to rear strap
  • Can lift dog by the harness
  • Cons:
  • Moderate weight (~2.2lbs)

  • K9 Rappelling Harness - Black

    Rappelling Harness

    Designed for vertical applications, the rappelling harness is a strength rated version of our Tracking Harness. The harness is sewn to the same life safety standards as those climbing harnesses for human use. The hardware and stitching is upgraded and the harness features a set of quick detachable rear leg loops. These rear leg loops are used to prevent suspension trauma during extended vertical applications. Once on the ground the loops can be detached and the harness will function as a Tracking Harness.

  • Strength Rated
  • Includes detachable rear leg loops
  • Cons:
  • Moderate weight (~2.4lbs)
  • Higher price point

    The Rappelling Harness is for expert use only!

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