2″ Rigid Collar




The 2” Rigid Dog Collar is made of mil-spec materials and climbing rated hardware—ensuring the industry’s strongest, heavy duty tactical K9 collar. Used by professional agencies worldwide, this durable collar is made for the toughest working dogs.

Crafted primarily for Military (MWD), Police (LEO), Personal Protection, and Schutzhund (IPO) Working Dogs, the rigid design allows the handler to use the body of the collar to apply pressure to points behind the ears to manually "out" the dog from a bite if it becomes unresponsive to commands.

2" Wide Rigid Body

Our 2" wide rigid design provides support to the dog's neck preventing possible injuries and it's rigid nature gives you the option of using it to manually "out" your partner from a bite.

ISC Klick-Lock Buckle

The Klick-Lock Buckle is redundant, meaning both sides have to be depressed to release the buckle and the release buttons are recessed which prevents accidental unclipping.

Stainless Steel V-Ring

Our black coated stainless steel V-Ring allows the handler to use any attachment option available including large diameter carabiners.

Upgrade: Soft Clip-In

A unique metal-free option, the soft clip-in point is inspired by climbing harnesses. A nylon loop forms a very lightweight and silent alternative to metal. This can be great for handlers worried about noise from a lead or if the dog is constantly hitting a collar against a metal kennel. Soft Clip-Ins have been independently tested to 600lbs, however this is not an official strength rating.

Loop Attachment Panel

A large Loop Panel allows the handler to attach identifying patches as well as accessories directly to the dog's collar.

Upgrade: Embroidery

A personalized name can be added with embroidery. The embroidery is applied to the loop panel, which allows you to affix a patch over the embroidery; or next to the embroidery, if there is enough room.




Trying to use an old collar to measure is often unreliable and usually results in a new collar that does not fit. Therefore we recommend using a tailor’s tape to measure (the same as if you were getting measured for a suit). If you do not have a tailor’s tape you can use a piece of string that you then measure along a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape/string around the dog’s neck where the collar would normally sit, pull it “tight”, then make sure you can get a finger underneath—that measurement will determine what size is best…

Neck Measurement


Small: 13-17in (33-43cm)

Medium: 16-20in (41-51cm)

Large: 19-23in (48-58cm)

Extra Large: 22-26in (56-66cm)


ISC 1″ Klick-Lock Buckle rated to 2,600 lbs

1 3/4″ Mil-Spec Webbing rated to 7,000 lbs

2″ Heavy Scuba Webbing

Loop Panel Sizes
Small: 1.5” x 6.5”
Medium: 1.5” x 8”
Large: 1.5” x 8.5”
Extra Large: 1.5” x 10.5”

Choice of Clip In Point:
– 1″ Steel V-Ring: rated to 4,000 lbs
– Soft Clip In: Inspired by clip in points found on climbing harnesses, it offers a silent clip in solution: Tested to 600 lbs*

*Independently tested. Strength rating is not guaranteed.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Heather V.
High Quality Collar

Love this collar. We have tried Tacti Pup and this collar is far superior in every way. From the material and finishes to the attention to detail. I could not be more happier.

Fantastic quality, great design.

Probably the best collar I’ve ever gotten for my Malinois (he’s a 75 lb male). The collar is so well made, the custom monogramming was done extremely well and the extra patch fit perfectly.

The snap thing is super easy to clip in and clip out. The only thing that had to ‘wear in’ is the inner buckles that the main strap slides into. But we’re about a week in and it’s fine.

5 stars.

Josh C.
My favorite collar I’ve ever used for my dog.

I have a 1.5 and a 2” for my pit bull. Looks amazing, best made collar I’ve ever used , totally functional.

Kris M.
Awesome collar!

Purchased for my wife’s German Shepherd mix, fits amazingly, allows for leash corrects, and is made of very rugged materials. Definitely love these collars!


Have ordered 2 of these and for my German Shepherd and Saint Bernard with the Fi series 2 attachment. They work great and are very sturdy. When doing agitation work the collar makes it easy to manually “out” my GSD. I might have to order 1 more with the leather for my other GSD.

above and beyond

the team at modern icon is truly one of a kind. ive been using modern icon collars since 2018 and i will continue to do so with all of my dogs. unmatched quality, excellent customer service, reasonable shipping times. very satisfied with my purchases!