Leather Rigid Modular Collar



Our Rigid Modular Collar™ is the first tactical dog collar of its kind. This patent pending design is comprised of two separate components: the inner "core" offers structural rigidity, while the removable outer "sleeve" allows for various color options and is end user configurable with laser cut Molle slots to mount accessories. The core and sleeve can be easily swapped out in the field to change its load out to meet your mission specific needs.

The Leather Rigid Modular Collar™ utilizes American sourced Wickett & Craig leather for the collar sleeve. The design of the collar allows you to have an all-leather look and feel for aesthetics, but still utilize strength rated, mil-spec materials for the structure and hardware.

This unique lightweight design was crafted specifically for Military (MWD) and Special Operations K9s, where "ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain." The Rigid Modular Collar™ allows the end user to maintain one "core" with multiple "sleeves" that can be pre-rigged with accessories specific to their varying mission requirements, allowing them the benefit of having multiple collars in the field without the added weight or bulk previously required. The core is the same between both the standard and leather Modular Collars, so you can interchange leather or Squadron sleeves.


A laser-cut molle panel is integrated into the body of the collar. This allows for a near infinite amount of customization using our Modular Collar Accessories .

Rigid Body

A wide rigid design provides support to the dog's neck preventing possible injuries during agitation work or if using it to manually "out" your partner from a bite.

Cobra Snakebite Buckle

The AustriAlpin COBRA® Snakebite Buckle adds a layer of security with a clamp to lock down the webbing. This ensures the collar will not loosen or slack overtime.

Stainless Steel V-Ring

Our custom black coated stainless steel V-Ring allows the handler to use any attachment option available including large diameter carabiners.

ID Tag Loop

A sewn loop is integrated behind the buckle for attaching ID tags. This allows tags to tuck out of the way so they are not a snag hazard.

*Please note the split ring is not provided and is for demonstration purposes only

Please note that leather is a natural occurring material, therefore colors and patterning may differ slightly from photographs and may have minor imperfections. These collars are not “maintenance free”, the leather may occasionally need to be rehydrated with mink oil or other natural leather conditioners if they start to dry out. If the collar gets submerged, be sure to rinse with fresh clean water, then pat dry with a towel and hang dry overnight. This will ensure your collar lasts a lifetime. If you would like a collar that requires no additional care then we recommend purchasing the standard Rigid Modular Collar, which uses a nylon sleeve.


Trying to use an old collar to measure is often unreliable and usually results in a new collar that does not fit. Therefore we recommend using a tailor’s tape to measure (the same as if you were getting measured for a suit). If you do not have a tailor’s tape you can use a piece of string that you then measure along a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape/string around the dog’s neck where the collar would normally sit, pull it “tight”, then make sure you can get a finger underneath—that measurement will determine what size is best…

Neck Measurement


Small: 13-17in (33-43cm)

Medium: 16-20in (41-51cm)

Large: 19-23in (48-58cm)

Extra Large: 22-26in (56-66cm)


Tegris® Thermoplastic Composite internal core

Mil-spec webbing rated to 1,000 lbs

1” metal, climbing-rated AustriAlpin COBRA® buckle rated to 4,000 lbs

1” Heavy-Duty, Black Stainless Steel V-Ring Clip-in Point

Natural, Veg-Tanned, Wickett & Craig leather external sleeve with laser-cut molle




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