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About Us


Our beginnings are as humble as our inspiration.

It all started with our founder’s revolutionary rifle sling concept and a sewing machine at the dining room table. During his time spent in the military and law enforcement he saw a need for a product that did not exist. Fortunately, with a background in climbing and rope rescue, he had the outside knowledge of the best materials to use and how they should be constructed to meet the most demanding standards. Noticing the K9 Officer assigned to his platoon putting away a leash, he realized if he could make a better rifle sling he could create a better lead as well. He designed a new K9 lead overnight and when he presented it to the K9 Officer that next shift it became apparent that its quality and innovation were beyond anything else on the market. As word spread, the demand grew and innovations continued.

Over time, more people were added to the team and our products have continued to evolve and improve; we took the time to listen to both industry leaders and our customers as they expressed their frustrations regarding other products that failed to meet their expectations. We’ve combined their input with our own insight and expertise to develop products that are safe, purpose driven, and feature a no-frills design. Over time we have replaced the small home sewing machine we started on with the best equipment in the industry, while staying true to our original design inspirations and commitment to excellence.

Our namesake is inspired by our grandparents, the Greatest Generation. As we remember a nation that survived the great depression and prevailed during World War II, we see people that were hard-working, selfless, and resourceful. Not only is that generation iconic, but the products they made were innovative, durable, and dependable. Made in the USA was synonymous with quality that you could count on for years.

As the generations have passed, we are now a society that all too often idolizes speed over accuracy, quantity over quality, and ease over hard work. Many of those valued ideals of the Greatest Generation have fallen by the wayside, and the consequences are evident. At Modern Icon, we strive to make quality products that our grandparents would be proud of, and—because of our lifetime guarantee—our grandchildren will still be able to use. It is our hope that today’s generation will see the people who use our products as the embodiment of excellence, selflessness and perseverance; a true and worthy modern icon.

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