1.5″ Summit Collar
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1.5″ Summit Collar



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The 1.5” Summit Collar is a lightweight, dog collar designed using tactical materials for urban and outdoor activities. Inspired by our heavy-duty 1.5” Rigid collars, the Summit Collar provides the same rugged appearance with less weight and is perfect for medium to large breed dogs.

Fidlock Buckle

A magnetic Fidlock® Buckle comes standard on the collar. This plastic composite (PA6 nylon) buckle works well for a majority of dogs.

Upgrade: Cobra Buckle

The buckle can be upgraded to a climbing rated, Austri Alpin COBRA® Buckle. This all-metal buckle is exceptionally strong and secure, as the redundant release design requires two tabs to be pushed in to release the buckle. We recommend this upgrade for dogs that scratch often, are rambunctious, or dogs that are particularly hard on gear.

ID Tag Loop

Behind the label, a sewn loop is integrated for attaching ID tags and an accessory slot that can be used to tuck the tags out of the way.

Fi Compatability

The collar features areas of 1" webbing compatible with most popular GPS tracking modules, allowing you to attach devices directly to the collar. The Fi® GPS Compatible option is specifically for the Fi brand tracking module. This customized option allows the Fi module to be charged without removing it from the collar* and includes 1 set of endlink brackets.  Please note the Fi compatible option DOES NOT INCLUDE the Fi Module. If you do not have a Fi Module, you can purchase one from their website and save $50 off using this link: https://shop.tryfi.com/.


Please note that the Summit Collars are not designed or intended to be used for agitation, bite work, or military and police applications. Please see our Operator Series and Defender Series collars for those purposes.

Embroidery on Webbing Backing

The embroidery is applied to a piece of webbing, which is then sewn onto the collar. Please note the webbing will be the size of the finished embroidery

Embroidery on Loop Backing

The embroidery is applied to a piece of loop attachment panel*, which is then sewn onto the collar. The loop panel will be a maximum length that accommodates the collar size you have chosen (please see the loop panel details below for exact sizes). Note that any patches with a hook attachment backing can be placed over the embroidery if you would like to cover it.

Sew-On Patch

Selecting this option will indicate that you would like to purchase a custom patch and have us sew it onto the collar. Our custom patches normally come with hook backing; however, a sewn on patch is less-bulky and looks more streamlined. You can use our Patch Designer to add the patch to your cart.


A handle will be added to the collar

Loop Attachment Panel

Summit Collars do not come standard with a loop panel on the exterior of the collar. A loop panel* will be added at the largest size for the collar you have selected:

Small collars will have a 1.5″ x 3.5″ loop panel
Medium collars will have a 1.5″ x 5″ loop panel
Large collars will have a 1.5″ x 7″ loop panel
Extra Large collars will have a 1.5″ x 9″ loop panel

**Color Disclaimer: Please note that the loop panel is not an exact color match to the webbing. Here is a preview of the color difference:

1.5" Summit Loop Panel on Webbing


Due to camera and monitor settings, the colors seen may not match the actual products colors, however the difference in materials can be seen.


Trying to use an old collar to measure is often unreliable and usually results in a new collar that does not fit. Therefore we recommend using a tailor’s tape to measure (the same as if you were getting measured for a suit). If you do not have a tailor’s tape you can use a piece of string that you then measure along a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape/string around the dog’s neck where the collar would normally sit, pull it “tight”, then make sure you can get a finger underneath—that measurement will determine what size is best…

Neck Measurement


Small: 13-17in (33-43cm)

Medium: 16-20in (41-51cm)

Large: 19-23in (48-58cm)

Extra Large: 22-26in (56-66cm)


1″ and 1.5″ Webbing; each rated to 1,000 lbs

Heavy-Duty, Welded, Black Stainless Steel D-Ring Clip-in Point

Buckle Options:
– 1″ Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle (made of PA6 nylon plastic)
– Austri Alpin COBRA® ProStyle Buckle (made of aluminum): rated to 4,000 lbs




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Customer Reviews

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We love our collar. It was just what we needed and allows our dog to have our information on the collar as he frequently loses his tags. We are very pleased with the quality.

Michael R.
An iconic collar

I am very pleased with my purchase. The collar is well made and really looks well on our dog. Our dog was in between sizes so we went with the larger size, wish we would have went with the medium, but it sure wasn't the manufacture's fault. If it was to ever wear out I would certainly buy another.

Top 👍

Very good quality material, professional and good looking! Nothing to do with the collar, but the postage costs for sending to Europe are very high and may need to be renegotiated...

Derek W.
Out standing

All good materials, everything works as advertised! Will be buying another.

steven s.

Best quality collar I’ve ever owned. The extra width provides more control, without the pressure point of a narrow collar. Highly recommend!

Paul M.
Great Collar

I am impressed with the quality of this collar - ordered 1 1/2 inches with the cobra buckle. Very well made - should last a long time