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The 1.5” Summit Collar is a lightweight, dog collar designed using tactical materials for urban and outdoor activities. Inspired by our heavy-duty 1.5” Rigid collars, the Summit Collar provides the same rugged appearance with less weight and is perfect for medium to large breed dogs.

Behind the label, a sewn loop is integrated for attaching ID tags and an accessory slot that can be used to tuck the tags out of the way. A magnetic Fidlock® Buckle comes standard on the collar, but can be upgraded to a climbing rated, Austri Alpin COBRA® Buckle.

The collar also features areas compatible with most popular GPS tracking modules, allowing you to attach devices directly to the collar. The Fi® GPS Compatible option is specifically for the Fi brand tracking module. This customized option allows the Fi module to be charged without removing it from the collar* and includes 1 set of endlink brackets.  Please note the Fi compatible option DOES NOT INCLUDE the Fi Module. If you do not have a Fi Module, you can purchase one from their website and save $50 off using this link: https://shop.tryfi.com/.

Add-On options allow you to customize your collar. Please note there are no returns on customized products. Options include:


Embroidery allows you to personalize the collar with a name and will be placed on the backing of your choice:

—Webbing Backing: The embroidery is applied to a piece of webbing, which is then sewn onto the collar. Please note the webbing will be the size of the finished embroidery

—Velcro Backing: The embroidery is applied to a piece of loop velcro*, which is then sewn onto the collar. The velcro panel will be a maximum length that accommodates the collar size you have chosen (please see the velcro details below for exact sizes). Note that any loop velcro patches can be placed over the embroidery if you would like to cover it.
** Please see velcro details below concerning the color

Sew-On Patch:

Selecting this option will indicate that you would like to purchase a custom patch and have us sew it onto the collar. Our custom patches normally come with hook velcro; however, a sewn on patch is less-bulky and looks more streamlined. You can use our Patch Designer to add the patch to your cart.


A handle will be added to the collar.

Velcro Panel:

Summit Collars do not come standard with velcro on the exterior of the collar. A loop velcro panel* will be added at the largest size for the collar you have selected:

Small collars will have a 1.5″ x 3.5″ loop velcro panel

Medium collars will have a 1.5″ x 5″ loop velcro panel

Large collars will have a 1.5″ x 7″ loop velcro panel

Extra Large collars will have a 1.5″ x 9″ loop velcro panel

* Fi Disclaimer: The Fi® GPS Module option is designed to allow you to charge your module without removing it. Fitting your module on the Fi charging base will be a tight fit which may require you to angle the charger until charging starts.


**Color Disclaimer: Please note that the velcro is not an exact color match to the webbing. Here is a preview of the color difference:
1.5" Summit Velcro on Webbing
Due to camera and monitor settings, the colors seen may not match the actual products colors, however the difference in materials can be seen.


Please note that the Summit Collars are not designed or intended to be used for agitation, bite work, or military and police applications. Please see our Operator Series and Defender Series collars for those purposes.

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Integrated Attachment Points
Pass-throughs, compatible with most popular GPS tracking modules, allow you to attach devices directly to the collar.
Our heavy gauge, welded, steel D-Ring allow you to use almost any attachment option available; including medium diameter carabiners.
ID Tag Holder
A sewn loop is integrated for attaching ID tags. A pass-through, behind the label, can be used to tuck and secure most tags out of the way.
Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle
These buckles use a magnet to self-latch/close the buckle. A safety feature design keeps the buckle from opening when force is applied to the buckle.
Minimalist Design
The simple design means there are fewer moving parts and potential points of failure. This collar is built to last.
Add-On Customization
Add-ons allow you to customize your collar with either embroidery, a patch, loop velcro, or a handle.


Small: 13-17in (33-43cm)

Medium: 16-20in (41-51cm)

Large: 19-23in  (48-58cm)

Extra Large: 22-26in (56-66cm)



1″ and 1.5″ Webbing; each rated to 1,000 lbs

Heavy-Duty, Welded, Black Stainless Steel D-Ring Clip-in Point

Buckle Options:
– 1″ Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle (made of PA6 nylon plastic)
– Austri Alpin COBRA® ProStyle Buckle (made of aluminum): rated to 4,000 lbs





Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Great Collar

I was looking for something that did not have a typical belt loop design in case my boy gets caught on something and I can't quickly get it off. Super happy with this collar. I got the upgraded buckle for extra beef. Once you find the fit and figure out how to put it on it's a breeze. Super sturdy and also easy to take off. Little worried about the velcro sticking to stuff but zero issues. A cool feature I didn't even consider is that you can tuck up a dog tag into the modern icon symbol. I put his chip info tucked up there and his name tag hanging down so they don't clank together. The build and quality are great and as an added bonus it looks awesome.


Fantastic customer service, and by far the best quality collar we've owned. It makes a statement everywhere we go, and looks great on our shepherd!

Ashley P.
Reliable Collar

I won the rigid collar over a year ago and loved it! When I wanted to add the Fi attachment I decided to get a new collar- Summit and its held up to the name so far. These collars are reliable, strong and they look good too!

Timothy D.
Awesome collar!

I pick thjs collar because it was one of the few collars that you can still use when the FI is charging. So far this thing has been perfect! I recommend it to everyone, especially if they have a FI collar

Elisa C.
The Best collar

This collar is by far the best . The color is amazing , the v ring bucle is great.
The collar is easy to clean . It looks great on my german Shepherd .
It is a high quality product.

Samantha M.
Fi collar

I really like this collar. Super bright. Flexible. Nice cobra Buckle. The only thing I’d like is for the Velcro to be stronger as if my dog pulls on his leash it can loosen up. We use as an everyday collar with modern icon leash which is super nice quality. Will definitely buy from this company again!

Hi Samantha, thank you for the feedback. Please note that the interior velcro is for aesthetic purposes and is only used to hold the interior 1.5' webbing together, so the ends don't hang out. Therefore you want to make sure there is proper tension on the exterior 1' webbing. To do this, when putting the collar on, we recommend attaching the 1' webbing first (clicking the buckle together), while keeping a hand (or a couple fingers) between the velcro on the 1.5' layer so that it does not attach yet. Then, once the 1' portion is attached, slide the 1.5' pieces apart as much as possible, then velcro them down. This will push the 1' webbing out, creating tension on the buckle, and be supported by the 1.5' webbing. Of course once all of that is done you should make sure the collar is still fitting correctly. We recommend that your collar should be tight, but loose enough to get 2 fingers underneath (side by side as if taking a pulse). If that is too tight you can certainly loosen the adjustment, but a tighter fit can help take some of the play out of the collar.

I know that sounds a bit convoluted, but after you do it a few times it becomes second nature and is an easy way to put the collar on. Of course if you have any question or need additional support: [email protected] please let us know and we can provide further assistance!

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