DarkFighter Helmet Agitation Muzzle


Mounting retention pins are required to mount the muzzle. If you have a previous DarkSystems muzzle you should already have pins. If not, please include them.

The DarkFighter Helmet Agitation Muzzle is a leather fighting muzzle designed to integrate seamlessly with the Dark Systems Generation 3 DarkFighter K9 Helmet. The muzzle eliminates excess bulk or design complications and enhances the helmet’s security and functionality.

We achieve these enhancements by integrating a custom mounting bracket that we designed in-house. This bracket is manufactured by Dark Systems to the same quality standards as the helmet it attaches to. With this integration, we blend old-world craftsmanship with space-age technological advancements to create a unique solution for today’s modern K9 team.

We use the finest, heavy leather hides sourced and tanned in the U.S. by Wickett and Craig. The leather is laser cut, individually sewn, and hand-finished blending traditional craftsmanship and modern innovations.

The design allows the muzzle to stand off from the dog’s snout so that the muzzle is not resting on the dog’s nose or bridge. Any impact delivered to the muzzle is transferred to the helmet and dispersed through the helmet system padding. This creates an agitation muzzle that is more comfortable for the dog — so they can hit harder and longer without fatigue.

The muzzle includes side composite bite guards covered in Horween Essex leather as well as ample ventilation holes to allow your dog to breathe and drink freely through the muzzle. A reinforced metal nose guard ensures the muzzle will not compress when striking and aids in the effectiveness of the impacts from the muzzle. The helmet’s quick-release pull tabs allow the muzzle to be added to or removed from the helmet in seconds while adding a degree of redundancy ensuring the muzzle is secured when in use.

Please note that a Dark Systems helmet is NOT INCLUDED. This system is only compatible with the Generation 3 DarkFighter Helmet with dual Pull Pins. The muzzle cannot be used stand-alone; it must be mounted to the helmet. We highly recommend our DarkFighter Helmet Collar upgrade to be used in conjunction with the muzzle.

Helmet sold separately.


Bridge measurement: From the tip of the nose to the middle of the eyes
Bite guard measurement: Circumference at the tip of the snout. we recommend using a tailor’s tape to measure (the same as if you were getting measured for a suit). If you do not have a tailor’s tape you can use a piece of string that you then measure along a tape measure.
Please note there will be a 1/2” of a gap between the tip of the dogs nose and the inside of the muzzle to avoid injury when striking. The additional gap is accounted for in the measurements. Just make sure your dog's measurements match the sizing, you do not need to add in the additional gap.


Bridge: 3.75" maximum
Bite guard: 11" maximum

Bridge: 5.25" maximum
Bite guard: 12" maximum