Summit Lead



The Summit Lead is a strong, durable dog leash designed for urban and outdoor activities. A variety of colors, including Multicam, complete the look of your tactical dog leash and match our Summit Collar options.

An accessory clip-in point near the handle allows a standard climbing carabiner to be used for multiple configuration options. It is also perfect for attaching waste bags onto the leash. An optional close-control handle can be added to help keep the dog at your side, but can be neatly tucked out of the way using an integrated elastic loop when not in use.

The lead can be customized with multiple attachment point options including a Kong Frog with swivel providing a secure, climbing rated hardware option. A custom option allows a personalized name to be added with embroidery.

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Close-control Handle
An optional second handle helps you keep your dog close when needed.
Heavy Duty Construction
Multiple layers of heavy duty 1” webbing are used for strength, durability, and comfort.
Keeper Loop
The elastic keeper loop allows you to securely stow the handle so it remains out of the way until needed, which helps minimize chances of catching on environmental hazards (only available with a close-control handle).
2" Clip-in Point
Can be used with a climbing style carabiner for multiple configurations. Also perfect for threading waste bags.

4ft or 6ft Length

7″ Long handle with an additional 7″ close-control handle available



1” webbing rated to 1,000 lbs

Attachment Point Options:
- Durable, Black Coated, Stainless Steel Swivel Snap
- Round Brass Swivel Snap
- Kong Frog: rated to 5,000 lbs — an aluminum swivel is added inline to help avoid tangles (swivel rated to 1,000 lbs)




Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Summit Lead

Pricey but VERY NICE lead. Highly recommend

lydia T.
Love this Lead!

Great lead- Very nice quality lead and comfortable to use- It is worth the money!

Jay B.
Tough Leash!

Toughest Leash on the market that I have seen. Solid stitching and quality material. Thanks again Modern Icon for taking pride in your work.

K.J. J.
Black Camo Summit Lead

Great lead in a great color!!

Sean M.
Fantastic Leash!

The leash is well worth the money! The extra grab handle makes it easier to control my dogs when passing others on the side walks and for training purposes compared to the rope type leash I bought from the local store that caused rope burn at times of extreme excitement and high selective listening. I’d recommend this leash over and over again.

Get the uprades, it so worth the money.

I love this lead. It's the best I've ever used period. I'm not sure what makes this lead so cool, the Frog Clasp with the swivel or the close control handle you can tuck away. The Frog makes me feel more confident in the integrity of the gear. The swivel helps with twisting a lot, it still twists a little bit but not enough to be annoying. The close control handle really comes in handy. The other day a person sketched out my Malinois. I already had the handle untucked and was able to gain more control of him very quickly just in case. The piece of mind that gave me at the moment paid for the lead itself. I even got the optional ring just because. I would recommend the 6' with the close control handle. It's almost like having two leads one one. I would imagine if your looking at these leads you already have or are planning on buying a Modern Icon collar. If not, they worth the money too. I'll be saving up to buy the Patrol Harness next. It looks light weight and very opened up. It will be nice for my Mal. We live in the Mojave and it gets super hot in the summer. It will make a nice edition to my collar and lead. Also the customer service is top notch. I'm am one happy customer!

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