Rappelling Harness



The K9 Rappelling Harness has been created for Military (MWD) Special Operations, Police SWAT, and Search and Rescue (SAR) K9s. This tactical dog harness is designed for climbing, rappelling, and helo applications and has been sewn to the same life safety standards as those for human use.

The included rear leg strap assembly ensures that the dog’s hind legs are properly supported to prevent suspension trauma during lengthy vertical applications. The rear leg strap assembly is quick-detachable and allows the harness to also function as a standard Tracking Harness.

The harness allows the K9 full range of motion even with the rear leg straps attached, so that the dog can be deployed immediately upon reaching the ground.


This harness is sewn to the same standards as climbing and rappelling harnesses for human use and exceeds all industry standards for K9’s applications while being completely end-user adjustable.

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Heavy Duty Mil-Spec Webbing
We use the same type of webbing the military uses for construction of parachute harnesses throughout the entire harness design which is quick drying, mold and mildew resistant and strength rated to 7,000 lbs.
AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles
Cobra Buckles are redundant, meaning both sides have to be depressed to release the buckle.
Integrated Handle
Our large handle gives you complete manual control of your dog and can be used as a soft clip in point to lift or lower your dog
Padded Chest Plate
Padding at the center of the chest provides comfort and safety for the K9.
Additional Supporting Straps
A second strap secures at the base of the dog's rib cage and an extension from the chest plate keeps it in place. This creates a more stable and safer method of carrying your dog, and keeps the dog from ever backing out of the harness.
Removable Rear Leg Strap Assembly
Prevents suspension trauma during lengthy vertical applications by supporting the weight of the dog's hind legs—keeping the legs from sagging and compressing the dog's diaphragm .


Medium Harness:
Front Chest Strap: 24-31in (61-79cm)
Rear Chest Strap: 22-26in (56-66cm)
Length between straps: 6in (15cm)

Large Harness:
Front Chest Strap: 30-35in (76-89cm)
Rear Chest Strap: 25-30in (64-76cm)
Length between straps: 7.5in (19cm)

Extra Large Harness:
Front Chest Strap: 32- 40in (81-101cm)
Back Chest Strap: 28- 34in (71-86cm)
Length between straps: 8.5in (21cm)


Front and Rear Strap Chest Girth

Measure your dog’s front strap chest girth directly behind the front legs and rear strap chest girth at the base of the rib cage



AustriAlpin COBRA® ProStyle Buckles rated to 4,000 lbs

V-Ring Clip-in Points rated to 4,000 lbs

Harness Body – 1 3/4″ Mil-Spec Webbing rated to 7,000 lbs

Rear Leg Assembly – 1 1/2″ Mil-Spec Webbing rated to 1,800 lbs

Molle/ Loop Velcro Side Panel Sizes (on each side):
– Medium: 5″ W x 3″ H
– Large: 5.5″ W x 4″ H
– Extra Large: 6.5″ W x 5″ H




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