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The foundation of the Operator 2″ Rigid Collar is mil-spec Heavy Scuba Webbing. Atop this first layer, we have sewn 1 3/4″ mil-spec Webbing rated at 7,000 lbs as well as 1″ mil-spec webbing rate at 4,000 lbs to stiffen the design and add the additional strength and support required by our most demanding customers. This rigid design allows the handler to use the body of the collar to apply pressure to the points behind the ears to manually “out” their dog from a bite if he becomes unresponsive to your commands.

We use a 1″ ISC Klick-Lock buckle rated to 2,600 lbs in our otherwise 2″ wide design to provide an added measure of security preventing accidental un-clipping when the collar is grabbed at the buckle, yet still allows the collar to be quickly un-clipped in an emergency. A large Velcro panel gives you plenty of space to affix identifier patches or accessories. 2 available clip in point options fit any commercial lead attachment, including large diameter climbing carabiners:

1″ Steel V-Ring: Low profile option rated to 4,000 lbs.

Soft Clip In: Inspired by clip in points found on climbing harnesses, it offers a silent solution that works with all existing clip in options.

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2" Wide Rigid Body
Our 2" wide rigid design provides support to the dog's neck preventing possible injuries and it's rigid nature gives you the option of using it to manually "out" your partner from a bite.
Our large climbing rated V-Ring allows the handler to use any attachment option available including large diameter carabiners, and it's flat stock design helps prevent accidental unclipping where pressure on the snaps gate from a round stock ring can force it open.
ISC Klick-Lock Buckles
The Klick-Lock Buckle is redundant, meaning both sides have to be depressed to release the buckle and the release buttons are recessed which prevents accidental unclipping.
Velcro Panel
Our large 8" x 1.5" Velcro Panel allows the handler to attach identifying patches as well as accessories directly to the dog's collar.


Small: 13-17in (33-43cm)

Medium: 16-20in (41-51cm)

Large: 19-23in (48-58cm)

Extra Large: 22-26in (56-66cm)



ISC 1″ Klick-Lock Buckle rated to 2,600 lbs

1 3/4″ Mil-Spec Webbing rated to 7,000 lbs

2″ Heavy Scuba Webbing

Loop Velcro Panel Sizes
Small: 1.5” x 6.5”
Medium: 1.5” x 8”
Large: 1.5” x 8.5”
Extra Large: 1.5” x 10.5”

Choice of Clip In Point:
– 1″ Steel V-Ring: rated to 4,000 lbs
– Soft Clip In: tested to 600 lbs*




*Independently tested. Strength rating is not guaranteed.

19 reviews
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  1. Alvin

    Definitely worth the wait! Such great quality in this collar. It looks great on my Belgian Shepherd Malinois. Was beyond impressed with the sturdiness of this item.
    Looking forward to many more purchases from ModernIcon definitely recommend!

  2. Sabrina

    After a year of constant use, I can fully assure anyone that these collars are the best. My dog wore this collar through all weather (from snow to mud, to sand, to everything). Simply washed it and it went back to its brand new appearance right away. Can’t express how happy I am with my MI collar and leash. Best investment.

  3. Anthony

    After just receiving my 2 inch rigid collar in wolf gray, I must say that I am beyond impressed, after a 4 week wait. The quality and craftsmanship of the collar is by far top notch. The 4 week wait was absolutely worth it. Modern icon just acquired a lifelong customer!

  4. Taylor

    My almost 4 year old malinois broke out of his last heavy duty collar from another company. I debated for 3 months on getting this collar and finally made the decision to do it. It shipped WAY faster than anticipated. And it was so worth the wait. Not only does it look awesome, but it is so strong and sturdy I don’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon. Already looking at other products from Modern Icon!!

  5. Emily

    Awesome collar. Really holds up to the rigorous work we do daily. I love the fit and my dog seems to be comfortable even with all his fur. Well worth the wait!

  6. Megan

    You can’t beat the quality that Modern Icon offers. This is my third collar from MI and I have no doubt it will last a very long time! The white embroidery looks awesome on the OD green and it looks incredible on my dog.

  7. Jack

    Great collar. I got a medium in black for my 9 month old malinois and it fits great with plenty of room for growth. It looks amazing and functions even better. I thought the size and weight might take the pup some time to get used to but she loved it right from the start.

  8. John

    I order one for my dutchie K9 and it’s top quality. I ended up ordering one for my home protection Malinois and one for our new department K9!! Can’t beat them. Awesome custom service.

  9. Megan

    I can’t speak highly enough about Modern Icon, they offer the highest quality, best looking gear that actually lasts! My dog has put the soft collar through the ringer and the white embroidery still looks brand new, I have no doubt that the rigid will do the same! Hands down best quality out there.

  10. Kelly

    Love this collar!! Super sturdy and looks amazing. Couldn’t be happier with my choice to get one of these!

  11. Katelyn

    By far the best collars I have ever bought. Extremely well made and able to withstand everything my dogs do to their gear.

  12. Drake

    solid and sturdy collar. The custom embroidery looks great. Great for what it is designed for which is manually outing a dog.

  13. Sabrina

    This is so far the best collar I ever ordered for my dog. This collar is amazing. Best quality on the market, solid and the fit is perfect. Those collars are true to size and you can definitely trust that it will never break. It came in faster than expected. Thank you for the excellent service!

    My dog looks amazing it it. I will definitely order another one and more gear in the future!

  14. Jacob

    Amazing product and amazing customer service. My package was never received initially but Josh worked with me for over a month to ensure I was satisfied. I ended up getting the green one with the 1″ buckle, it looks phenomenal on Sergeant my GSD. Its such a strong, durable collar. Sarge loves wearing it!

  15. Hannah

    Best Collar I have ever bought!! Super strong and durable, and look great paired with matching patches.

  16. Ian

    Fantastic quality, great build, and aesthetically awesome. I ordered a medium for each of my two huskies and the fit is perfect. It is clear this collar was made with care and attention to detail. I will definitely be purchasing from Modern Icon again.

  17. Brett

    Quality of this collar is excellent. It is strong sturdy and looks cool AF. Build quality is excellent – you can tell these guys care what they sew their label on.

    Our 10 month old GSD wears a size Medium with Coyote with custom Coyote embroidery. We selected the 1″ Steel V-Ring and very happy with our selections. Will only get MI gear for our IPO dog after trying this collar. As soon as he is fully grown will will have no hesitation in upgrading to the bespoke leather.

  18. Haylee

    Words don’t describe how amazing this collar is! The structure is solid and the quality is fantastic. The fit was perfect and I can trust that it will never break. Not to mention, it looks great on my dog. I will definitely be purchasing another in the future!

  19. John

    Amazing quality, if you are looking for the best collar on the market this is the one. Just have to wait for my boy to grow a little more, amazing quality and the custom stitching looks awesome.

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