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Our Tactical Deployment Lead (TDL) provides the operator with a reliable hands-free option that’s built to last and won’t get in the way or generate unintentional feedback to their dog. Traditional hands-free systems include an internal bungee cord to prevent the dog from tugging on the handler, which affects the handler’s sight alignment and shot placement. The downside is that the dog is getting near constant feedback from the tension on the bungee.

The decision to leave the bungee out came from input we received from handlers wanting a hands-free option that didn’t generate that unintentional feedback to their dog. This design allows enough slack for your dog to be in a heel on either side. The other benefit is that the handler can give feedback to their dog by pivoting their hips to take up the slack and tension on the dog.

To attach the lead to the handler, we use a heavy duty Quick Release Snap Shackle that’s strength rated for climbing applications. Instead of the standard belt loop system found in similar designs, we crafted an industry first design. We took our cue from daisy chains used in operational climbing and rope rescue and created a large sewn loop out of mil-spec climbing rated webbing. This allows the handler to simply thread the bite of webbing through any spot on their duty belt or through Molle on their chest rig and simply pass the snap shackle back through for a secure attachment point. The snap shackle will also work with any of our 4 foot, 6 foot, or waist leads by clipping through the 1.5″ clip-in points on the leads body.

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Multiple Attachement Options
Our unique attachment solution allows you to affix the TDL Shackle to 2" wide duty belts as well as Molle loops.
Static Lead
The use of a static tether prevents unintentional feedback to your dog, while still allowing some freedom of movement in a close heel.
Shackle Release Tab
The strength rated Shackle has a 4" paracord woven pull tab that won't get caught on your gear or surrounding environment, and can be released even under load.
Clip-in Options
We let you choose which attachment point clip-in option should be on the end of your tether, based on familiarity and comfort.


28″ or 32″ Tether


1″ Mil-Spec Tubular Webbing rated to 4,000 lbs

Climbing Rated heavy duty Snap Shackle

1″ Solid heavy gauge O-Ring



1 review
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  1. Drake

    Awesome lead. Sturdy and great to keep your dog close and controlled. The shackle is easy to operate when you need to send them as well. The embroidery will show above the snap on the opposite side of the MI logo if ordering with custom embroidering.

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