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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally.

How much does it cost?

Shipping cost will depend on the size and weight of your order. If you would like a shipping estimate, it is best to add the items you would like to your shopping cart, then proceed to the checkout page. Once you input your address on the checkout page, the information will be submitted to our shipping carriers.

Please Note

You do not need to input personal information on the checkout page until you are ready to checkout—an address is all that is needed for the shipping estimate.

You will note rates are returned for the United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS. These rates are our the negotiated pricing that we secure with each carrier and is the lowest cost we can offer. The time listed next to the carriers references the typical transit time once the package ships.

Are there any additional fees?

Shipping costs do not include any duties or taxes

Those fees are imposed by your government and there is no way for us to estimate them accurately pre-charge those fees.

Each country will have a separate threshold if, when, and how much they charge for international shipments. At the bottom right of your screen you will note a flag icon, clicking on this icon and selecting your country will provide information that country uses for international shipments (please note you may need to click off the country and back on to make sure the information loads properly). This will help give you an estimate for what to expect as your local postal carrier may collect those additional fees before delivery. If you need to know your exact total landed cost we recommend you reach out to your local shipping carrier for an estimate as that will be more reliable.

How does international shipping work?

UPS shipments are the most straightforward as they have operations in every country. This also makes shipping much quicker as the shipment stays within the UPS organization. However, you will note that UPS is typically more expensive. Also, many of our customers report customs fees are more expensive—this is due to the fact that UPS charges a “brokerage” fee as they are an intermediary between the government to settle/collect any required fees.

USPS International shipments are sent out via the United States Postal Service. Once a shipment has reached the destination country it is transferred to a local postal carrier, typically the government run postal service. USPS typically operates at a slower pace and the transfer to a different postal carrier means that deliver takes longer using this method. However, because the postal carrier is usually run by the local government there are usually no brokerage fees on duties.