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Unleash Change: Inside K9s United’s Mission

Many law enforcement agencies struggle to provide the funding and resources that K9 units need. For the K9 handlers affected, this restriction can become a huge obstacle to receiving proper training, gear, and support for their role. 

These handlers and their K9s face life-and-death challenges every day, and a lack of training, gear, and support can put these teams into extremely difficult situations.

Debbie Johnson, founder of K9s United, posing with a happy dog in Modern Icon's harness


In 2015, Debbie Johnson attended the funeral of K9 Baron, who passed tragically in the line of duty. After she learned of the financial constraints that law enforcement agencies face, she wanted to help in any way she could. When Debbie learned that monetary donations weren’t guaranteed to go 100% toward K9 units, she established a 501(c)(3) organization to meet the needs of K9 units by raising funds, learning of needs, and purchasing whatever was needed and donating it to the unit. Thus, K9s United was born.


Now, agencies across the USA reach out to K9s United with a list of their needs, and K9s United works hard to meet those needs — whether it’s equipment for training or active duty, first aid emergency kits, kennels, crates, heat alarms, door poppers, health expenses, or advanced training. 

Modern Icon is proud to partner with K9s United as they support, honor, strengthen, and provide K9 units with the training, equipment, and care they need and deserve. They serve these units during and after their service — and in support of those who give the ultimate sacrifice. Learn more about K9s United’s mission or donate at www.K9sUnited.org.

Modern Icon is located in Taylors, South Carolina. Locally, the Hyco K9 Fund is a similar 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to provide K9 units in South Carolina with the equipment and training they need to be safe and successful. We’re proud to partner with K9s United and the Hyco K9 Fund to meet the practical needs of K9 units across the country and in the community we call home.

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