Fi Collar Add-On


A collar must be ordered with this add-on. It is not a standalone product.

This add-on can be combined with our 1″ Summit Collar, 1.5″ Rigid Collar, 2″ Rigid Collar, or our Bespoke Leather Collar (1.5″ or 2″). When included in your cart, we will manufacture the above collar of your choice to have endlink brackets installed, which will allow you to attach a Fi module*. It is important to note that you will need to unhook one side of the module for charging—due to the nature of the above listed collars, there will not be room to fit a charging base behind the module without unhooking an endlink.

The Fi Collar Add-On DOES NOT INCLUDE the Fi Module. If you do not have a Fi Module yet, you can purchase one from or use coupon code modernicon50 on their website for $50 off (offer only applies to the Series 2 modules).

* Fi Disclaimer:
– Please ensure you select the correct Fi® Series module. Each series uses a different bracket system and they are NOT backwards compatible or end user replaceable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paula P.
BEST aftermarket collar fo FI module

Thank you to Modern IKON in making a collar that is solid and durable. I have been a FI member since the first model of the Fi collar. The clasp on the Fi were always an issue but having a third party collar assured me that my pup would never break loose from the collar. Fi collar was not reliable and a few times my pup broke loose of the collar because of the faulty clasp attachment. Modern IKON has a collar that is one complete solid collar with encasing the module independently. Thank you for creating a reliable collar that allows me to rest assure my pup will not break loose of the fi module and collar.

Barton J.
Great quality

My Husky German Shepard mix is a 115 pds and I have really enjoyed the FI Collar but it's only rated to 100 pds. I bought the Collar from Modern Icon and the collar looks great, very durable and had maintained an appropriate hold so he can't tug the collar apart.

Second collar

I LOVE these products, high quality, very durable. Made in the USA! Resisting the urge to order one in every color/style for my dog.


Works ok but it is a struggle to get the collar on just right so it charges. I charge once a week due to no home wifi and it is a bit of a hassle.

Daniel S.
Not thrilled

I loved the idea of this, but the execution has been disappointing. I have this add on the 1.5" collar (which I love), but I frequently find that one side of the Fi tracker has popped out of the teeth because of the near-90° angle the tracker usually sits at relative to the collar. I've had to add a zip-tie around the tracker to ensure it won't fall off, which I have to replace every time I want to charge the device

Hi Daniel,
Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Fi module staying in place. The the unit should not be able to pop off, especially when the collar is being worn—usually when we see this happen it indicates the brackets are upside down. When installed correctly, the endlink has to been inserted into the module at a 45 degree angle toward you (i.e. away from the collar), which makes it virtually 'impossible' to come out when the collar is being worn.

The best way to make sure your endlinks are correct is to make sure you can see the protrusions on the end are facing out (see the second product photo—without the module installed—as an example). Also, here is a link from Fi on how to change bands:

Lastly, if all that is correct and the endlinks still come out, it is possible the plastic housing on the Fi module is compromised. If that is the case we recommend reaching out to Fi to see if they can get you a replacement module. Otherwise, if none of the above works or you have any questions please email our support team.

Vince V.
Great option for the Summit collar!

I found out about Modern Icon via Fi's "maker" program, and I'm glad I did. Their products are top notch, and the ability to add my Fi module to the Summit collar is awesome. Great package!