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3 Reasons “Made in the USA” Is Important to Us

At Modern Icon, we’re committed to producing the highest quality K9 gear with no compromise. “Made in the USA” once carried weight and inferred a standard of excellence unparalleled anywhere in the world. Now, the intentional practice of designing products to fail seems to be an industry norm everywhere.

“As a child, I connected better with my grandparents’ generation than I did my own. Back then, things were made to last and designed to be repaired rather than replaced. I admire that resilience and resourcefulness, and that inspiration continues in Modern Icon’s design ethos. I believe the way you carry yourself and take care of your things is a direct reflection of your character.”

Lee Vartanian, Modern Icon’s Founder & CEO, The Greatest Generation: 4 People Who Inspired Modern Icon
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1. Our Products Are Built to Outlast

Products in almost every industry seem intentionally designed to fail or fall apart and trap the customer into buying an upgrade or replacement. This industry practice is referred to as “engineered obsolescence.” We view our design integrity as a direct reflection of our character. As a manufacturer, Modern Icon commits to overbuilding all of our gear.

We want to see our customers overcome any challenge and advance every day, so we never compromise on quality. Built for the long haul, our products will keep pace with your K9’s entire career. We hope you only buy one of our products twice because you want it in a new color.

2. We Value Extreme Attention to Detail

Lee Vartanian started Modern Icon in his basement when he set out to create a better lead for a K9 handler on his platoon. Modern Icon outgrew his basement — but never outgrew his high standards. Now, manufacturing our K9 gear in-house allows us to maintain one of the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Each product is crafted in the USA using the very best domestic and globally sourced materials. This allows us to customize and personalize products — as well as innovate new ones by making every product to order.

3. We’re Proud of Our Community in Small Town USA

We manufacture out of a revitalized textile mill built in 1924. This enables us to remain an active part of the Upstate South Carolina community and create jobs while adding to the rich local history of U.S.-based manufacturing. We’re proud of our experienced team of professionals, who handcraft each product to ensure every detail is perfect.

At Modern Icon, we want “Made in the USA” to carry the weight it once did. That’s why we push the bounds of innovation to create K9 gear that’s designed to outlast a lifetime. It’s our goal to set an unparalleled standard of excellence for our customers; many of whom face life-and-death situations every day in their line of work. Explore our range of premium K9 products now and put our incredible products to the test.

If manufacturing in the USA is important to you, too, join the Modern Icon Squad and spread the word by referring a friend to Modern Icon!

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