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Which products are Fi compatible?

Our 1.5″ Summit Collars are the only products that are approved as Fi compatible.

However, our 1″ Summit Collars, 1.5″ Rigid Collars, 2″ Rigid Collars and Leather Wrapped Rigid Collars can be made to accommodate a Fi module. To include a Fi add-on to one of those listed collars, you can add this product link to your shopping cart along with the applicable collar: https://www.modernicon.us/store/fi-collar-addon/


You will have to remove one side of the Fi Module when charging.*

*Fi requires that their module be able to charge without removing it from the product. Our 1.5″ Summit Collars was specifically engineered to allow charging of the Fi module, which is why it is an approved product. Due to the design and materials of the other collars it is not possible to fulfill these requirements.

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